2019 Student Start Up

The Chamber’s Student Start Up is designed to provide students with the real world experience of starting an actual business and expose them to an alternative to being an employee.

“We want to build a community that welcomes entrepreneurs and provides the tools and resources needed to be successful.  Through our Student Start Up program we can encourage young entrepreneurs and potentially plant the seeds for start-ups in our community now and in the future.” Sarah Stephens Krupp, Chamber/Small Business Director

Through a grant from the Henry H. Geary Jr. Memorial Foundation, the Chamber will award Student Start Ups in two categories; new Student Start Ups and a Student Start Up Expansion.  New Student Start Up applicants must have not received a past Student Start Up Award and meet the application requirements.  Student Start Up Expansion applicants must have been past recipients of a Student Start Up award and have plans to expand their existing business.  Ten new Student Start Ups and 4 expansions will be funded in 2019. Successful applicants for new Student Start Ups will receive $200 for start-up and will be eligible for a $100 bonus. Successful Student Start up Expansion applicants will receive $150 to expand their business and will be eligible for a $100 bonus.

The Fostoria Chamber’s Student Start Up program is available to all Fostoria area students, including students attending or living in the districts of Fostoria City Schools, St. Wendelin, Arcadia, Hopewell Loudon, Elmwood, Van Buren, New Riegel and Lakota.

2019 Student Start Up Award Winners

*Winners and Bonus Recipients

*Evan Frankfather, Frankfather Bronze Works

*Abby and Anna Daniel, Double AA Treats

*Jose Garcia Jr, Lawn Man Moose

Thomas Bodnar, Bodnar’s Busy Bees

Hope Nowicki, Nowicki’s Wickless

Tori Green, Green’s Glass Cleaning

Jordyn Jury, JJ Steam XT Fitness

Ried Jury, RJ Venture Drills

Emily Bishop, Doggie Co.