If you don’t shop local, we won’t have local!

Small businesses are the heart of our community.

For every dollar spent locally $2 to $3.50 circulate around the community, helping our local economy through taxes which help our schools, police and firemen, parks and neighborhoods.  90% of small business owners donate money to charity while 70% donate time & money.

Shopping Small & Shopping Local makes a real difference for all of us!

Are you a small business owner in Fostoria?  Join our campaign.

Shop Small Shop Local

Want to participate in the Chamber's Shop Small Shop Local campaign to encourage our community to think Fostoria first? Fill out the form and get downloadable signs to hang in your place of business and thank you cards for your customers.
  • Business website and/or Facebook page address
  • Only if applicable.

Once we receive your completed form we will email you free printables to show your participation in our Shop Small, Shop Local Campaign.

Thanks for Thinking Fostoria First!