Nakama no Kai

Special thanks to Akiko Kawano Jones and the Bowling Green State University Asian Studies Program. The 41st Japanese-American Business Dinner Nakama no Kai was a great success due to your wonderfully coordinated efforts.

This Nakama Meeting had a different format this year. Instead of focusing solely on US-Japan trade and business, guests enjoyed a discussion of Japanese art and culture with “The story behind Fresh Impressions: Early Modern Japanese Prints”. Following dinner, we had the rare opportunity to see the exhibit with over 300 excellently preserved modern Japanese woodblock prints on a guided tour with Chief Curator of the Toledo Museum of Art, Carolyn Putney.


GOALS OF NAKAMA                      仲間の会の目的

(1) To foster friendship and cooperation between Japanese and American business executives and their spouses;


(2) To encourage mutual understanding of Japanese and American cultures; and


(3) To help minimize the difficulties and maximize the opportunities in doing business together.