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The quest to expand or increase a community’s businesses can be confusing and even a little overwhelming at first glance. Communities must judge to what extent they should strive to recruit and support specific industries and determine ways to help local businesses tap into hidden potential and find new opportunities.By organizing and utilizing our strengths, we find that we have many of the resources in place to carry out a wide range of development activities; we are left with the task of connecting the pieces.Our program of work focuses on doing just that, connecting those pieces by linking partnerships, facilities, infrastructure and opportunities to create not only a suitable living environment but to expand the economic growth and prosperity for the City of Fostoria.

There were 13 Different Glass companies in Fostoria, Ohio during the years 1887-1920. During the boom years of 1887 through about 1892, there were about seven or eight plants at one time operating in Fostoria.
128 W. North Street

Fostoria Rail Preservation Society (FRPS) was organized as a non-profit in 2005. Our mission statement is to preserve, promote and educate the public on Fostoria’s importance in railroad history of our nation and the world. The City of Fostoria completed the 5.5 acre Fostoria Iron Triangle Rail Park in November 2015. Fostoria’s Rail Park is visited by tourists (railfans) from all over the world and is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Three mainline double tracks cross each other and form a triangle around the rail park. 100+ freight trains pass through Fostoria each day. FRPS is proud to promote Fostoria’s rich railroad history. The 1878 LE&W Depot, 128 W. North Street, is the home of FRPS.

Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world


The Greater Fostoria Community Foundation, a public, charitable, not-for-profit organization, improves the quality of life by building a permanent endowment to support our community needs in areas such as the arts, culture, humanities, economic development, civic affairs, education, health and social services.


The Chamber provides questions of interest to your business and community. These can include: government issues impacting the community from a business viewpoint and planning for your future. It is also the central organization in which fellow business people join in an effort to promote the projects that benefit you.

United Way has been helping in Fostoria for more than 50 years because of the kind, caring people in our community. Having grown up in another area, I have always been impressed by how our small city pulls together to support the many, many wonderful agencies who are there to help us through life’s difficult and challenging moments.

WSOS is dedicated to creating opportunities that will help our community and all of its members build a better future. We help individuals and families to acquire the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and to more fully participate in our community. We achieve this by developing projects and partnerships that allow people to help themselves.