Fostoria Rail Preservation Society

Fostoria Rail Preservation Society (FRPS) was organized as a non-profit in 2005. Our mission statement is to preserve, promote and educate the public on Fostoria’s importance in railroad history of our nation and the world. The City of Fostoria completed the 5.5 acre Fostoria Iron Triangle Rail Park in November 2015. Fostoria’s Rail Park is visited by tourists (railfans) from all over the world and is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Three mainline double tracks cross each other and form a triangle around the rail park. 100+ freight trains pass through Fostoria each day. FRPS is proud to promote Fostoria’s rich railroad history. The 1878 LE&W Depot, 128 W. North Street, is the home of FRPS.
128 W. North Street