Kaubisch Memorial Public Library

Frequently Asked Questions About Upcoming Levy

What are the details?

  • The library is proposing a 1.5 mill continuing levy to support the day-to-day operations of the library.
  • If approved, the levy will generate approximately $248,750 annually.
  • This is the first time in its 119 year history that the library has asked for a local operating levy.
  • All registered voters residing within the city of Fostoria can vote on this issue.


What is the need?

  • As demand for library services has increased, state funding has significantly decreased.
  • Funding from the state accounts for 88% of the library’s annual revenue. Since 2007 the library lost 24% of its funding from the state.
  • Further reductions are expected in the coming years.


What will the levy cost?

  • The owner of a $50,000 home will pay $1.91 per month.
  • The owner of a $100,000 home will pay $3.83 per month.
  • For the cost of a gallon of gas or one DVD rental a month you can continue to use and enjoy all the services offered by the library.


How has the library responded to budget cuts?

  • Despite decreased state funding, the library has worked to maintain a balanced budget and operate within anticipated revenue.
  • Reduced open hours: from 64 hours per week to 49, including closing on Fridays.
  • Reduced staff: from 20 to 15, many employees are part-time.
  • Staff members are working fewer hours with reduced benefits.
  • The book budget has been reduced 30%.
  • The magazine and newspaper budget has been slashed 50%.
  • Contracts with outside vendors have been renegotiated to lower costs.
  • Staff members have assumed extra duties.
  • Volunteers shelve our books.


How will the funds be used?

  • As levy revenue becomes available in 2012 the library will be able to partially restore Friday hours with additional hours restored as funds become available.
  • Restore purchasing levels of bestsellers, DVD’s and other popular materials.
  • Continue technology upgrades.
  • Additional funding will provide some much-needed financial stability for the library.


What other benefits will the levy provide?

  • The library will be able to join SEO, a consortium of 77 library systems across the state, enabling the library to offer access to additional services:

*     Downloadable eBooks, audio books, audio music, and videos.

*     A huge collection of CDs, DVDs, and videos.

*     More than 5.9 million books and library materials through interlibrary loan.

  • Although a grant from the State Library will cover 75% of the initial cost to migrate to SEO, passage of the levy will be necessary to cover costs after migration.


What will happen if the levy does not pass?

  • Further reductions in hours of operation, book purchases, and other services would be necessary in order to balance the budget.
  • The library will forfeit the 75% grant opportunity to join SEO and match services that are currently offered by other area libraries.


How can I help the library with the levy?

  • The library cannot use tax payer funds or staff resources to support the tax issue.  Donations may be sent to:

Kaubisch Library Levy Committee

P.O. Box 854

Fostoria, OH 44830


For more information: Please contact Dee Conine, Director at 419-435-2813 or via email at ddconine@aol.com

Remember to Vote on November 8th