Membership Investment Levels

Membership Investment Levels

Business Membership

1-4      Employees     $200

5-10    Employees     $250

11-20  Employees     $300

Entrepreneur Membership

21-49 Employees     $415

50-74  Employees     $520

75-99 Employees      $780

Corporate Membership      

100-225 Employees  $1040

226-350 Employees  $1560

351-499 Employees  $2080

Executive Membership

500+ Employees       $2600

Other Membership Categories

Individual Membership       $90

This level of investment has been designed for sole

proprietors and home based businesses, malady allowing

members access to services and to progress to the

Business Membership or higher levels. This category

is also a non-business category for retirees, stuff elected

officials, click etc.

Not for Profit Associations

Service clubs, municipalities, schools, and other non-profit

Organizations in this category receive all benefits of a

Business Membership, but may elect to invest as an

Entrepreneur, Corporate, or Executive Member.

1-10 Employees        $185

$5 per additional employee

(up to $300)

Chamber Membership Request Form

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