Welcome to the Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce!

So – what is a Chamber of Commerce and what can they do for you? The “official” description is:

“A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization established to promote civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural progress of the community and district which it serves, and to work for sound legislation and efficient administration at the local, state and federal levels of government.”

Originally – most chambers were started as an unbiased organization that was responsible for official measuring of commodities like grains and gold. Members joined so that their weights could be certified by the official measure.  It kept everyone honest.

What does the Chamber do today?  We are a visible and pro-active voice for business in Fostoria.  It’s that simple.   Individually, we’re just drops of water.  Working together – we are a force to be reckoned with.   And then putting together programs and services for our members – to help you grow your business.

Networking is important and it gives you, as members, the opportunity to find out what’s going on with other business owners in Fostoria and the surrounding area.  It also gives the host business the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer and potentially reach new customers.  If you’re interested in hosting a “Meet Me at 4″ event – please call or email me to discuss and book the date!

Professional Development is another essential element for business growth – and we’ll be implementing those opportunities in 2015.  Is there something you want help with or are interested in?  Let us know.

This is your Chamber – and belonging is like belonging to a gym.  If you have a membership and never go – don’t blame the gym for not giving you the results you want or need.  Work with us to achieve the results we all desire!

Whether you want to reach customers, plan to relocate your business, want to connect with other professionals, or need safety information, call us first.  We are your partner in achieving your goals.

Not a member?  Not a problem!  It’s easy to join the more than 200 member investors who are already part of the Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the information on our website, or give us a call.  We are here to help you – and Fostoria – grow!

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